Hosting Hosting is a service for providing space on the server for hosting a site, which can be accessed at any time of the day.

Hosting can be full featured or limited functionality. Restricted types include the following main types:

  • File hosting is a file storage service in which the provider allocates space for you to store information in the form of files, ensures their security, remote access, etc.
  • Mail hosting is a service that ensures the operation of a private mail system that is devoid of advertising banners, has some protection against spam mailings, has one or more domain names of its own and works according to the most common mail transfer protocols ( SMTP, IMAP, POP3)
  • DNS hosting is a hosting service that provides a storage system for domain name records
  • Wiki Hosting — Hosting that provides servers with tools to create and manage your own independent wiki pages
  • Game hosting — providing various types of servers for organizing multiplayer network games.

Full-featured hosting types include web hosting - a service that allows individuals and organizations to create and host their own websites on the Internet.Hosting Types

Types of full featured hosting:

  • Shared, aka virtual hosting, means sharing server resources with other clients, the number of which can be in the thousands. Computing power, memory and other resources will be evenly distributed among users. This solution in practice satisfies the needs of most owners of small projects. However, in the case of development and growth of the site, yours or your neighbors, performance may drop on shared hosting. If you are going to develop a project and attract more and more traffic, this option will not work for you.
  • VPS, stands for Virtual Private Server, that is, a virtual private server. This service involves sharing the server with other users, but with VPS hosting, unlike general hosting, you are allocated a separate space with a reserved amount of computing power and memory. This forms some kind of insurance against problems that may be caused during the maintenance of neighboring sites.
  • Cloud is one of the most reliable solutions on the market today. With this type of hosting, you are provided with a cluster of servers, and all the data of your resource have copies on each of them. If there is a problem somewhere, all traffic will be redirected to a properly functioning server.
  • Dedicated Server. With this type of hosting, you will have your own physical server dedicated exclusively to your site. At the same time, you can customize it as you like, choose the operating system and software that you want to use and customize the entire hosting environment according to your needs. Renting a dedicated server is basically the same as your own local server, only with the professional support of your hosting provider.

How you need a hosting to choose is for you, and this choice should be made deliberately so that later there will be no problems with interruptions on your site. Hosting is the most basic, after the domain, and by the way, domains are also hosted.

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