Dmitry (Main Developer)Dmitry (Main Developer)

Skills: IT, Layout, Web programming, Website development and improvement, Localization, System administration (CMS), Domain, Hosting, Templates, HTML , XML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, SEO, IIS, Apache, Mail, TCP / IP, DNS / NS, Proxy, HTTP / HTTPS, FTP / FTPS, SSH, TLS, SSL, Jabber, Torrent, Animation, Audio and video editing / other editing / filming, Video presentations, Data protection, Data recovery, Antivirus software, Network security, Software installation / reinstallation / recovery / configuration / optimization / administration, Windows, Linux, Servers, Networks, Components, Software / hardware troubleshooting , Bugs / Errors / Errors Fixing, Microsoft Editors, Audio / Video Editors / Converters, ico / png / gif / jpg Editors, PDF Editors, Text Editors, Audio Editors, SQL Editors, HEX Editors, TeamViewer, VirtualBox, Zabbix, Game Servers, ComparseR, PuTTY , Tor, Office, Regedit, Event Viewer, Logs, Bugs, Languages ​​and more.