Domain Domain (domain name) - in simple terms, this is the name of your site, for example: The domain works thanks to DNS (Domain Name System) and makes it possible to address (bind a domain to an IP address) Internet nodes and various network resources located on them. It is DNS that converts a domain name to an IP address and vice versa. There are several levels of domains (for example,

  • "." Level 0 (root) - point, separator between other levels.
  • "eu" 1st level (top) - serves to indicate that a domain belongs to a certain country or a certain type of organization, examples: ".eu" , ".ru", ".рф", ".com", "org", etc.
  • "opiums" 2nd level - it is the domain of this level that is usually used to create sites, connect to servers, portals, etc.
  • "site" 3rd level - also called a high-level subdomain, or just a subdomain, is used to use various sites, forums, services related to main domain (parent).
  • "www" 4th level - usually www is a 3rd level domain, but sometimes it turns out that the domain of that level is already occupied, so there is the ability to use a 4th level domain with the same name.
  • "goto" 5th level - used as an additional subdomain and complicate the general structure of domain names, anything can be placed on a 5th level domain , only the general address will look too cumbersome.

Domain Levels The domain is stored on a server, and the storage location for domains is commonly referred to as domain hosting. With the development of the Internet, domain names have become very large and exceed 250 million worldwide, so it becomes more and more difficult to choose a short and beautiful name. Thus, a domain market was formed, which includes companies that register, buy and sell names on the secondary market and are engaged in placing their advertisements.

It is currently impossible to buy a domain for free, besides, it also needs to be renewed periodically, every time specified by the company from which the client purchased the domain name. Domains that have expired are called drop domains, the reasons for the appearance of drop domains may be different. Lack of finance, changing the domain name to another, simply forgetting to renew the domain, etc.

Domains People began to appear on the Internet buying drop domains that had just appeared and demanding large sums of money for their redemption. No wonder, because once on this domain there was a lot of traffic, and this traffic is chased by such individuals, as their goals and easy money for high traffic.

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