Own hosting on IIS or Apache

Apache Web Apache Server is an open source web server application developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The server software is free and this open source license means that users can modify the base code to customize the server.

Key benefits of Apache and LAMP server systems:

  • low cost as there is no need to purchase software licenses;
  • flexible programming due to open source;
  • improved security, since Apache was designed for a non-Windows operating system (and most malware is written for a Microsoft OS), it has always had a reputation for being more secure than IIS manufactured by Microsoft.

IIS Web Microsoft's IIS is the second most popular web server software. It consists of a series of services including File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Web Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and others that allow Windows to manage websites. The latest version also includes various modules for security, caching, logging, compression and diagnostics.

Differences between Windows/IIS and LAMP:

  • Windows and IIS are supported by Microsoft, while Apache is only supported by the user community;
  • IIS supports Microsoft .NET framework and ASPX scripting.
  • modules allow you to enable streaming of audio and video content.


The choice of a tariff for hosting usually depends on the category of the site and its traffic. If your site has a fairly high traffic, then you should think about a more expensive plan, with high bandwidth and powerful server hardware.

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